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PostBeta is a onemanshow specialized in online entertainment such as visualization, virtual reality, animation, online games, game portals and consultancy on any of these topics.



First of all making games is in the DNA, a livelihood, giving purpose. Second the goal is to connect and leave a community with an optimal fun online gaming experience (smile & excitement) through interactive creative and fun means. Whether that is on a portal, a download, in VR, social media or live on location.

Quick game portal MikeyGames
Female game portal ElleGames


More than a decade of experience developing games and knowledge about game design. Constantly asking questions like; What is fun? How can games contribute? What technology should I use for my games? What audience am I trying to reach? etc.


Many years of experience in game portal development. Integrated and developed application programming interfaces (API) for social features around games and portals. Managed game content portfolios of over thousand games. Created game aggregators to collect game content for portals.


Published various games on different distribution platforms. Asking the questions; How can I reach my target audience, how long will distribution take, how to setup the store front, analyzing analytics.


Advertised games using different ad platforms, Integrating Ad-systems to generate revenue in games and/or portals. Analyzing and applying search engine optimization (SEO). Learn more about what game features contribute to the player experience, A/B test, etc.

Development cycle

Experience in different development methodologies at various game companies, most commonly SCRUM. Performed in roles such as SCRUM Master and Product owner. Knowing the lingo a.k.a. game terminology such as vertical/horizontal slices, post-production, alpha, pitch deck, hyper-casual, etc.



Foundation & Essence

People love to play games. No matter what age. The digital possibilities have made this easier and given a new dimension to interaction. Thanks to the amount of people connected digitally you can always play a game against others or stay up-to-date with all the newly published games on various platforms.


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