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PostBeta excels in entertainment, showcasing expertise in visualization, virtual reality and online gaming. Accomplishments encompass the creation of VR games like 'Anti Air' and 'Discontinue,' overseeing full project lifecycles, localization, and ad campaigns on various platforms. Moreover, PostBeta is focused on crafting captivating games enriched with cutting-edge social features, creativity and excellence.



For PostBeta, every pixel, every line of code, and every project is a labor of love. Obsessed with crafting immersive experiences that transcend reality and are deeply gratified by two VR gaming achievements: 'Anti Air' and 'Discontinue,' both groundbreaking VR games that transport players to new dimensions of excitement and wonder. Embark on an exhilarating journey fueled by unwavering dedication, pushing the boundaries of gaming to new heights.

Virtual reality game Anti Air
Virtual reality game Discontinue


Bringing over a decade of game development expertise and an in-depth grasp of game design, a consistent quest revolves around questions like: What defines gaming enjoyment? How can games have a meaningful impact? Which technologies serve best for game creation? Who is the target audience? These inquiries fuel our passion in the gaming industry.


Extensive experience in game portal development spanning numerous years. Proficient in integrating and crafting Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to enhance social features for gaming platforms. Successfully oversaw game content portfolios comprising more than a thousand games. Developed game aggregators for seamless curation of game content across portals.


Published a diverse array of games across multiple distribution platforms, while consistently pondering essential questions: How to effectively connect with the target audience, estimating distribution timelines, optimizing storefront setups, and diligently analyzing invaluable analytics data.


Promoted games through various advertising platforms, skillfully integrated ad-systems to boost revenue within games and portals. Implemented search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. Continuously explored game features that enhance the player experience, conducted A/B testing, and more.

Development cycle

Skilled in various game development methodologies from multiple game companies, with SCRUM being a primary focus. Occupied crucial roles such as SCRUM Master and Product Owner. Fluent in game industry terminology.



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